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Boksburg at a glance

Boksburg: Your Comprehensive Guide To Living, Exploring, And Investing

Looking for a place that offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and opportunities? You might feel overwhelmed with options. But there's a city that stands out -Boksburg. It is not just any spot on the map; it's a treasure chest of stories, growth, and potential waiting to be discovered.

Our guide will walk you through living in this vibrant community, exploring its attractions, and tapping into its investment opportunities - making your journey easier and more exciting. Ready to explore?

Key Takeaways

  • Boksburg started in 1887 because of gold and has grown into a city with lots to offer, like nice neighborhoods, good schools, and fun places to visit.

  • People can choose from many types of homes in different areas. There are great healthcare options and schools for families. Getting around is easy with buses, bikes, and cars.

  • For fun, you can visit bird parks, go to the water park, or shop at big malls. There are also cool dining spots and lively nightlife.

  • Investing in Boksburg is smart because the economy is strong. There are opportunities inindustrial property and real estate is booming with lots of choices for investors.

History and development

Boksburg started in 1887, right in the heart of East Rand, this place grew fast because it was near gold mines. People wanted gold, so they came to Boksburg. 

Back in the day, gold was found here and today it's known for more than just its past glories. From its buzzing neighborhoods to its business prospects, it has something special at every corner.

They laid out streets and built homes for all the people working here. It wasn't just a mining camp anymore but a busy town with lots going on. 

Interesting facts and notable people

This discovery made many people come to the town, looking for wealth, the place quickly grew into a busy mining area. Not only did miners find gold here, but also coal a year later.

This mix of treasures under the ground made Boksburg an important area.

It is home to some famous buildings that tell stories from long ago. People can see these structures and learn about the town's past life as a gold and coal mining center.

Also, it has a strong love for boxing and club rugby.

Living in Boksburg

Living here means finding a place that fits your lifestyle, whether you want a cozy house or a big one. Schools for your kids and hospitals for health are close by and you can travel easily on buses or public transport.

To discover more about making Boksburg your home, keep reading!

Neighborhoods and properties

Boksburg is a place with many types of properties, each suburb has its charm and things to like. Here's a closer look at these areas and what they offer.

  1. Sunward Park - This area is known for its peaceful streets and family-friendly vibes. You can find both modern houses and charming, older ones here. It's close to schools and parks, making it a great pick for families.

  2. Birchwood - Famous for the Birchwood Hotel, this suburb offers luxury living with easy access to top-notch accommodations like the airport boutique hotel Boksburg. Its properties often come with beautiful views and extras like swimming pools.

  3. Wild Waters Water Park -This is perfect for those who love fun right at their doorstep. 

  4. Freeway Park - Ideal for commuters, Freeway Park offers quick access to main roads without skimping on green spaces or quiet living. Properties here tend to have generous yards.

  5. Boksburg North - As one of the older areas, Boksburg North boasts large properties with big gardens. It's close to shopping centers likeEast Rand Mall, offering convenience and comfort.

  6. Bartlett - With its mix of residential homes and business sites, Bartlett attracts both families and business travelers. It's home to several guesthouses catering to longer stays or quick visits.

  7. Comet- Comet offers serene lake views with some properties even having waterfronts at Elizabeth Lake Lodge prices you'd appreciate. It's both quiet enough for retirees and close enough to schools for families.

  8. Lilianton - Known for its spacious plots and tranquil atmosphere, Lilianton appeals to those looking for privacy and space without leaving the city's comforts far behind.

Each of these neighborhoods brings something unique to the table - whether that's bustling city life or peaceful retreats into nature.

Hospitals and schools

Living in Boksburg means you have access to great healthcare and education, the city takes care of its people with hospitals and schools.

Healthcare Facilities

  1. Netcare Sunward Park Hospital stands out in the community. For over thirty years, it has offered amazing care. With 214 beds, this hospital can handle many patients at once. Doctors and nurses work together, covering all sorts of health needs.

  2. Advanced East Rand is a smaller healthcare facility with 3 theaters and 30 hospital beds 

Educational Institutions

  1. Schools in Boksburg meet different needs. Some focus on academics and others are more involved in sports, like HoerskoolDr Eg Jansen.

  2. There are both public and private schools, parents can choose based on what they value most for their kids' learning.

  3. Special education services exist too, kids who learn differently get the support they need.

Living here, you find that taking care of health and learning is easy because options abound.

Transportation options

Traveling in Boksburg is easy, this includes buses, bikes, taxis, and cars.

The area has a big plan that shows the main paths for public transport and goods moving through the city. 

Tripadvisor gives good advice on how to move around in Boksburg, South Africa. Here, people talk about what they like best when getting around town.

Exploring Boksburg

Discovering Boksburg opens up a world of fun. You'll find places like Carnival City and Emperor's Palace, where adventure waits at every turn.

Top attractions and things to do

Boksburg is full of fun places and activities for everyone. From parks to shopping, this city has something special to offer.

  1. Petmasters Bird Park welcomes visitors with a colorful array of birds. This place is perfect for families wanting to learn about different bird species and enjoy a day outside.

  2. East Rand Mall is the go-to for shoppers, with a wide range of stores, that covers everything from fashion to electronics.

  3. Bokkie Park allows kids and adults to get close to farm animals, making it ideal for a family day out.

  4. Emperors Palace is just a 5-minute drive for those who enjoy their time at the casino.

Each of these attractions brings its unique flavor to Boksburg, making it an unforgettable destination whether you're living here or just passing through.

Malls and shopping centers

After checking out the top things to do, shopping is next on the list,East Rand Mall and the K90 Centre stand out.

You can find clothes, gadgets, food, and more here.

Pepper Square Value Mall and East Rand Traders Square are also worth visiting. These places have unique items at good prices. If you love finding deals, this is perfect for you.

There's also talk about a new development by Boksburg Lake that could become a hit in the future waterfront mall with eateries facing the water!

Dining and nightlife

After a day of shopping at the mall, the city invites you to enjoy its dining and nightlife. Boksburg boasts many places where you can eat delicious food. Here, you'll find Italian dishes, ribs, curries, and steaks that taste amazing.

Whether you're visiting with family or out for an evening with friends, there's a perfect spot for both comfort and fun.

The nightlife in Boksburg is lively and offers something for everyone. Bars and clubs play music that gets your feet moving. 

Investing in Boksburg

Putting money into Boksburg is a smart move for those looking to grow their cash. The city's strong economy and lots of chances for businesses make it a prime location for investment.

If you are looking for a warehouse to let or commercial property,Currie Group will help you secure the right premises.

Economic overview

The city's economy is strong because it plans for lasting growth and stability. Johannesburg nearby also helps Boksburg by being very strong economically.

Are you looking into investing? You'll find good opportunities here, especially in industrial properties and houses to rent or buy. Next, let's peek at what makes these options inviting.

Real estate market

Shifting focus frombusiness opportunities, we now explore the real estate market. It offers a vibrant scene for investors and home buyers alike.



Market Overview

Boksburg's real estate is on the rise. From apartments to family homes, choices abound for those looking to invest or settle.

Property Types

A mix of houses, flats, and townhomes dominate, especially in the CBD. This variety caters to different tastes and budgets.

Investment Opportunities

Boksburg's market allows for both renting and owning, appealing to a wide investor base.

Economic Factors

The overall market climate, credit scores, and indirect real estate investments play key roles in shaping opportunities.

Short sentences and an active voice keep the message clear. Reading about real estate might seem complex. Yet, this table aims to make the essentials straightforward.


Boksburg shines as a place to live, play, and invest, with its history of gold discovery and strong sports culture, it stands out in Gauteng. 

For fun, there are many sights to see and shops to visit. If you're thinking about business or buying a house, Boksburg is a smart choice too. It's more than just a city; it's a community ready for adventure and growth.


1. What kind of places can I stay in Boksburg?

In Boksburg, you'll find everything from cheap accommodation to luxury hotels. Options include bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, self-catering spots, and even eco-lodges.

2. Are there any good spots near the airport?

Yes! There are several hotels close to the airport like the Holiday Inn Johannesburg Airport andEuroprime Hotels

3. Can I find family-friendly accommodation in Boksburg?

Absolutely! Many places like Afrique Boutique Hotel and Emperors Palace are perfect for families, offering spacious rooms and sometimes even breakfast included.

4. What about shopping in Boksburg?

East Rand Mall has lots of shops where you can buy almost anything you need... And yes, there's plenty of parking!

5. Is it easy to find places with wifi in Boksburg?

Yes, many accommodations around here come with free wifi - so you're always connected.

6. Any advice on finding affordable stays?

For cheaper options look into ecotels or hostels in areas like Sunward Park or nearBirchwood Hotel - they often have deals that won't break the bank.


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