Richard H. Currie, a businessman operating in Johannesburg in the late nineteenth century found himself captivated by the property industry, the explosive growth of Johannesburg in the later years of the century encouraged him to conduct auctions "between the chains" in Loveday street opposite the Rand Club.

He formally launched the company in 1887 and the entrepreneurial flair he possessed inspired not only him ,but generations of his family to come. He became synonymous with integrity, dynamic success and innovative progress to form the building blocks of what is known as Currie Group 130 years later.

The current Chief Executive Officer, Richard William Currie, is the fifth generation family member to lead the company.

Currie Group has been managing property since the early 1900s and has built up an extensive database of clients and properties as well as a varied property management portfolio. Our history and property expertise translates into a practical and personal approach.

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