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Germiston at a glance

Germiston Area Profile

Finding the right place for your business can be difficult,Germiston is a city in South Africa known for its industry and growth. This article will show you why it could be the best choice for setting up your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Germiston is a great place for businesses because it's close to major roads, and the airport, and has rail lines.
  • The city offers lots of options for buying or renting industrial and commercial properties. 
  • You can find many kinds of companies in Germiston, this makes it easy for all types of businesses to do well there.
  • Safety is important in Germiston. There are regular checks and teamwork with police to keep areas secure.
  • Currie Group helps people find the right property in Germiston quickly by using special website technology.

Germiston: A Premier Industrial Hub

Germiston shines as a top manufacturing area, near roads and cities making it easy to get to and from.

Location and Connectivity

Germiston sits at a crossroads of convenience, making it easy to get around. With major highways like theN12 and M2 motorway nearby, moving goods in and out is smooth. The city also hugs the rail lines that link to Johannesburg and Pretoria, ensuring businesses stay well-connected.

Plus,O.R. Tambo International Airport is just a short drive away for those needing air travel.

Germiston offers gateways by land and air that keep business booming.

For those eyeing Germiston's industrial scene, this network of routes means less hassle in logistics. Whether it's shipping products or commuting, these paths pave the way for success inEkurhuleni's bustling hub.

Diverse Industrial Economy

Moving from how well-connected Germiston is, let's next talk about its varied industrial economy. This area shines as a hub for different types of factories and warehouses. You'll find everything from manufacturing plants that make various goods to logistic centers helping goods travel around easily.

These places keep Germiston buzzing with activity, offering jobs and supporting local services.

In this bustling area, businesses thrive across several sectors such as mining, especially gold mining due to its rich history, and advanced manufacturing. The presence of big players like theRand Refinery adds value to the local economy, making it a magnet for investors looking for opportunities in industrial spaces or commercial lands ready for development.

With options for warehouse facilities priced between R35 to R85 per m², companies have great choices for expanding or setting up new operations here.

Industrial Real Estate Options

Germiston shines as a top choice for those seeking industrial real estate. Its prime location and variety of options make it ideal for businesses.

  • Warehouse Spaces: The area boasts diverse warehouse choices, such as a 3,211m² spot in Wadeville. This place sits near major roads, making it easy to reach from different points in the city. Another option is a 2,288m² distribution center in Tunney. It suits companies looking for space to store and move goods easily.
  • For Sale or Lease: Choices abound whether you want to buy or rent. Prices for leasing industrial spaces start at R35 per m² and climb to R85 per m². Those interested in purchasing can find properties ranging from R16,000,000 up to R85,000,000. With 45 industrial properties up for grabs for lease, there's plenty to pick from.
  • Close to Everything: Germiston's commercial areas enjoy quick access to major highways like the N12 South and the N17. This means less time on the road and more time doing business. Also, places like Rand Airport and various Gauteng locales are nearby, adding convenience.

Each option offers something special for businesses of all types. From vast warehouses ready for heavy-duty operations to strategic locations near transport links.

Workforce and Infrastructure

Skilled Workforce

Germiston shines with a wide pool of talent, from hands-on workers to top-notch experts. This mix supports all kinds of businesses - big or small. You can find people trained in various fields.

This area is not just for those who do manual jobs; it also draws professionals skilled in specific trades and professions.

This strong base makes the city more appealing for new businesses and investors. With such a diverse group of talents, companies have a solid foundation to grow on. Now, let's talk about the top-notch industrial infrastructure that keeps Germiston moving forward.

Excellent Industrial Infrastructure

After learning about the skilled workforce in Germiston, it's clear that the area is also set up for success with its strong industrial base. Wide roads make it easy for heavy trucks to move.

This means factories and big machines can get what they need without trouble, places like Ekurhuleni show how well things can work when streets and services support heavy industry.

Another key piece of Germiston's success puzzle is reliable water, electricity, and internet, these are must-haves for any business today. Safety is top-notch as well, with regular checks by security teams.

Safety and Security Measures

Germiston's industrial zones are safe, they work with police well, this keeps crime low and it makes businesses feel secure.

The area has a plan for keeping people and places safe, cameras watch busy roads all day and night. 

Real Estate Opportunities in Germiston

Germiston has lots of options for anyone looking to buy or rent, it is ready to welcome new people with open arms, so why not check it out?

Commercial Properties

Germiston shines as a place for business. It has many commercial buildings that people can rent or buy. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Wide Range - You'll find many types of offices and stores in Germiston, from big spaces to smaller ones.
  2. Affordable Prices - Renting costs are good, between R50 and R95 per square meter.
  3. Prime Locations - Many properties sit at busy intersections, like the intersection of Jack Street and Refinery Road where a 120m² shop is up for grabs.
  4. Easy Access - These places are near main roads and public transport routes, making it easy for customers to visit.
  5. Growth Opportunities - With Germiston being part of Ekurhuleni, businesses have a lot of chances to grow.
  6. Diverse Markets - The area serves various industries, meaning a range of companies can find their home here.

From shops in bustling areas to big offices with room for teams, Germiston's commercial scene is ripe with possibilities for any business ready to make its mark.

Industrial Properties

Shifting focus from commercial options, we now explore the vast landscape of industrial properties in Germiston. This area shines as a beacon for businesses looking to grow or establish their operations. 

  • Warehouse Available for Sale in Wadeville: Close to expressways, this 3,211m² storage building makes moving goods easy. With a price tag that reflects its value and location within the industrial precinct, it's an ideal pick for those needing space and accessibility.
  • Distribution Center for Lease in Tunney: For businesses in need of a distribution hub, there's a 2,288m² spot available. Right in the mix of Germiston's business environment, it offers a perfect balance between size and strategic location at competitive leasing rates.
  • Range of Prices: Buying into Germiston's industrial scene comes with options ranging from R16 million to R85 million. Whether you're starting small or expanding big, there's something here to fit your budget.
  • Leasing Opportunities Galore: With45 industrial propertieson offer for lease ranging between R35 and R85 per m^2, flexibility is key. Businesses can find spaces that not only fit their operational needs but also their financial plans.

This dive into Germiston's industrial real estate reveals opportunities at every turn. Whether buying or leasing, companies have access to spaces that support growth and success among industry giants and startups alike.

Available Properties for Lease and Sale

Transitioning from the vibrant industrial landscape of Germiston, let's move on to explore the exciting realm of real estate opportunities this area has to offer. Germiston boasts a variety of commercial and industrial properties that cater to different business needs, from warehouses to offices. Here, potential investors and renters can find a place that perfectly fits their requirements.

Type of Property



Price/Lease Rate

Retail Space

Driehoek, Germiston


For Lease


Wadeville, Germiston


For Sale

Industrial Property


45m²For Lease

Warehouse/Distribution Facility

Tunney, Germiston


For Lease

Mixed-Use Property



R59 per m² For Lease

This table gives a quick look at what's up for grabs in Germiston. Whether you're in the market for a sprawling warehouse or a cozy retail space, chances are, Germiston has something that will catch your eye and meet your business needs. Ready to explore these options? Germiston's doors are open, inviting you to become a part of its thriving industrial and commercial community.

The Currie Group: Real Estate Services

Website Information and Services

The Currie Group'sonline platformmakes finding and listing properties easy, this site alerts you about new commercial and industrial properties. You can also search for agents to help you find the right spot in areas like Germiston CBD or Bedfordview.

Where buying, selling, leasing, or getting advice on valuations becomes straightforward.

Theirservicescover everything from choosing your next investment to signing up for news updates. Plus, it's all powered by Prop Data - ensuring you have access to the latest info and trends in real estate.

Whether it's offices in Alrode or warehouses for rent, they've got it covered.

Range of Services Offered

The Currie Group stands out in Germiston for its wide range of real estate services. They meet the needs of those looking to buy, sell, or rent properties.

Here's what they offer:

  1. Buying and selling industrial and commercial property.
  2. Leasing and letting assistance for industrial areas. 
  3. Expert advice on property values and smart investment choices in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.
  4. Special opportunities to lease retail space.
  5. Deals on mixed-use properties for lease at competitive prices per square meter.
  6. Access to a large list of 45 industrial spots ready for leasing.

These services ensure those interested in Germiston's market have everything they need right at their fingertips. Whether it's an old building near historical attractions or a modern warehouse by main roads like the N3 Eastern Bypass,Currie Grouphas got it covered. They use tools and knowledge to guide everyone through the process, making sure each client finds exactly what they're looking for in Germiston's diverse property landscape.

Powered by Prop Data

Prop Data powers the Currie Group website, making it easy for people to find what they need. With this technology, users can get alerts about new properties by email. They can also list their properties or search for agents to help them buy or sell.

Currie Group's website goes beyond the basics. It was created in 2024 and helps people quickly find industrial and commercial spots in places like Germiston. Let's move on to learn more about real estate opportunities in Germiston.


Germiston shines as a leading industrial center. With its strategic spot and strong connections, getting to major highways and the airport is easy. This place has it all - diverse industries, skilled workers, and top-notch security.

Businesses find great spaces here, from warehouses to manufacturing sites. The Currie Group makes finding these options simple with their online platform and wide service range. Germiston stands out as a smart choice for industry players looking for growth and success in Gauteng.


1. What makes Germiston special?

It shines with its mix of affordable housing, historical spots like Germiston Lake, and a blend of industrial and commercial spaces for rent. It's not just about living there; it's about diving into a rich gold mining past or exploring attractions such as the South African Airways Museum.

2. Can you tell me about schools in Germiston?

Yes! In Germiston, education is key, with options like Germiston High School leading the charge. It's part of the broader Ekurhuleni region, ensuring that families have access to quality schooling.

3. How easy is it to travel around Germiston?

Getting around is a breeze thanks to the Gautrain linking up with nearby areas like Alberton and Kempton Park. Plus, major roads like the N17 make driving smooth sailing for shopping trips or checking out local hotels.

4. What are some things to do in and around Germiston?

From taking mine tours that nod to its gold rush heritage to enjoying shopping sprees or relaxing stays at various hotels - there's plenty! And if you're keen on exploring more, places like Elandsfontein or Boksburg under the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality banner offer even more adventures. You can also visitRand Aiport.


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