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Visionary Path of Currie Group

Currie Group tells its own story, stemming from Richard H. Currie in the last half of the 18th century as an inventive individual who was forward-thinking enough to play a key role in the embryonic stages of Johannesburg's property market. One of his innovative auctioning techniques, “between the chains”, which was not far from Rand Club on Loveday Street became a signature of the burgeoning real estate scene in Johannesburg. This did not just involve selling properties; it created opportunities and laid a foundation for a thriving city. With the Currie Group being formed formally in 1887, Richard Currie’s dream began to take shape. The founding principles were integrity, innovation, and unyielding pursuit for success that are still acted upon even today. These principles were not imponderable ideas but directives that guided successive generations bringing about the unequalled commercial and industrial property status accorded to the Currie family name. 

A Century-Long Journey: Evolving with Johannesburg Currie developed its presence across various commercial and industrial sectors while Johannesburg transformed the gold rush camp into a metropolis. The Currie Group was the foundation of some of Johannesburg’s most iconic commercial properties. The Currie Group has left an indelible mark on the city’s landscape from office skyscrapers for thriving businesses to expansive industrial parks meant for manufacturing and logistics behemoths. Even before they became industry standards, the Currie group embraced new building technologies as well as sustainable practices due to their commitment to innovation. This way, not only did this forward-looking approach improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their properties but it also demonstrated the company’s devotion to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. The group has unmatched services by bringing together a very professional team of people who are experts in their areas of specialization which ensures that their service offerings remain unparalleled and set industry benchmarks in real estate investment, development, and management. 

Ethics and Community

The Pillars of Sustainability: The Currie Group’s lasting success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to ethical business practices. It goes beyond just a corporate policy; it is a fundamental value that affects every decision and transaction made. As a result, the company’s commitment to an unimpeachable ethical standard has helped it gain respect from the business community as well as earn itself a reputation as a trustworthy partner within the industry of real estate. In the future, Currie Group will continue to lead in terms of innovation, sustainability, and ethical business practices. Poised to keep its history of excellence, the Group has an attentive eye on the changing requirements in retail and industrial property. 


The Currie Group is not just a stakeholder in South Africa’s real estate industry future; it plays an active role by embracing change, nurturing community engagement, and adhering to its founding principles. In conclusion, visionary leadership, unwavering commitment to excellence, and deeply rooted ethical foundation epitomize the Currie Group’s narrative as presented herein. Looking forward to the next chapter of this magnificent story, the Group focuses on enhancing its heritage within the South African commercial & industrial property market driven by Richard H. Currie’s pioneering spirit and generations that came later on. The legacy continues through Richard W Currie

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