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Waterfall, Midrand


Waterfall at a glance

Waterfall City: Where Work, Life, and Style Collide in Gauteng's Epicenter

We are calling all city lovers and ambition chasers! DiscoverWaterfall City - Gauteng's gem where sleek offices meet trendy apartments, epic shopping, and seriously cool sustainability vibes.


Ditch those outdated images of gray buildings and boring office parks. Waterfall City is changing the game, showing what a city can be. Picture this: it's like the coolest spot in Gauteng - modern buildings mixed with parks where you can chill, cafes spilling out onto the street... there's just this feeling in the air that something awesome is about to happen.

Workspaces with a Wow Factor

Okay, let's face it, the words "office space" usually make you want to yawn. But Waterfall City? They're doing it differently. Think of walking into a building that feels more like a fancy hotel than a cubicle farm. Picture tons of natural light, and breakout spaces where you might want to brainstorm. These are the kind of offices that make you think, "Yeah, I could have some seriously good ideas here."

Home is Where the Heart Is

After a day of crushing it at work, you want a home that feels like a true escape. Waterfall City delivers big time. Want that trendy loft with exposed brick and city views? Check. Are you craving a family-friendly villa with a private garden? They've got you covered. Maybe one of those swanky apartment complexes with a rooftop pool and resident lounge overlooking the twinkling city lights? Um, yes, please!

And it's not just about the walls you live within.Waterfall City is built with community in mind. Think leafy parks where dogs chase frisbees and neighbors turn into friends, maybe a bustling market square where you grab fresh goodies on the weekend. It's the kind of place where you put down roots, not just an address.

Shop, Eat, Play... Repeat!

Okay, we gotta talk about theMall of Africa, iIt's more than just shopping; it's like they built a whole tiny city inside. You could wander around for hours, getting lost in shops, trying foods from everywhere, and there's enough stuff to keep kids of all ages entertained. (Warning: your wallet might not be so happy about it.)

But Waterfall City isn't all about the mall. Think of those cute little cafes where they remember how you like your coffee, or restaurants serving up dishes you've never even heard of. And at night? The vibe changes, with places to go out where the music's good and the energy is high. Need something more chill? They've got trails to run, and huge parks to relax in... trust me, being bored is not an option here.

The Green Heart of Waterfall City

Ok, confession time: the word "sustainability" can sometimes make my eyes glaze over. But Waterfall City isn't about empty buzzwords; they're walking the talk. Think buildings that sip energy instead of guzzling it, clever systems to conserve water, and dedicated green spaces woven into the urban landscape.

It's about understanding that progress and preserving the planet aren't opposites. Waterfall City is showing how we can build amazing cities while being kind to the Earth. That's a win-win I can get behind.

A Word on Attacq

Let's not forget the visionaries behind it all - the development companyAttacq. These folks aren't content with building just another city. They've poured heart and soul into Waterfall City, and it shows. From carefully planned infrastructure that makes sense (goodbye, soul-crushing traffic jams) to green initiatives you can see in action, Attacq is dedicated to creating a city that's as smart as it is beautiful.

The Waterfall City Experience

So, what's the deal with living, working, and hanging out inWaterfall City? Honestly? It's a rush. There's this energy buzzing in the air like anything could happen. It's the kind of place where having big dreams is practically expected... you know, we're going out and making things happen is the whole vibe.

Yeah, the city's still being built up, things are changing fast. But honestly, that's half the fun! You're not just moving into a city, you're helping to shape it, which is seriously cool. If the idea of living somewhere with a good dose of city energy and endless possibilities gets you excited, well, then Waterfall City might just be your place.

Waterfall City: Business Magnet

Speaking of thriving businesses, let's drop some names. Waterfall City has become a magnet for some seriously impressive companies from across South Africa and beyond. You'll find industry giants likeBMW,Deloitte,Cisco,PwC,Massmart,Cummins,Westcon, andDis-Chem rubbing shoulders with dynamic startups, creating a vibrant, diverse business ecosystem. Being amongst these powerhouses isn't just about prestige; it's about access to talent, collaboration, and the kind of energy that propels businesses forward.

Waterfall City: A Launchpad for the Future

Picture this: It's not just a place, it's a mindset. Waterfall City is where bold ideas find fertile ground. The buildings themselves seem to hum with the energy of people building, creating, and disrupting the status quo. This is where the future of business is taking shape.

Why Waterfall City?

  • Innovation Central: The old way of doing business is a thing of the past. It's built to be agile and accommodate a wide variety of tenants. Think lightning-fast connectivity, spaces that transform from boardrooms to brainstorming hubs, that sense that anything is possible because that's what businesses need to thrive in the years to come.
  • Talent Magnet: Big companies get it - to be the best, you gotta hire the best. And Waterfall City, well, it's got that somethin' special. It's more than just the cool lifestyle, it's like... you feel like you're not just punching a clock, but part of something that matters. The kind of place that makes you think, "Okay, this is where I could make things happen."
  • The Power of Community: In Waterfall City, networking isn't an awkward cocktail party; it's grabbing an after-work drink with someone whose company is making headlines or running into a potential collaborator at the resident's lounge. It's an ecosystem where partnerships and game-changing ideas are born organically.

The Shape of Things to Come

Here's where things get exciting:

  • Sustainability as Standard: Forget greenwashing; Waterfall City is making sustainability part of its DNA. Think buildings competing to be the most energy-efficient, recycling initiatives that work, and electric vehicle charging points popping up as quickly as coffee shops. It's about proving that business can be both profitableand responsible.
  • Tech-Infused Everything: Picture a seamless, smart city experience. An app that lets you find an open parking spot, book a meeting room, or maybe even order takeout from that hip new spot everyone's talking about. It's about removing daily friction, so businesses can focus on the big picture.
  • Work-Life Redefined: We all know the lines have blurred. Waterfall City embraces that. Think co-working areas buzzing even on weekends where freelancers and side hustlers cross paths with corporate execs. Gyms that offer lunchtime spin classes, and gorgeous green spaces where walking meetings become the new norm. It's about understanding that productivity and well-being aren't enemies.

Expanding the Scope: Industrial Powerhouse

While Waterfall City might be famous for its sleek office spaces and bustling lifestyle amenities, let's not forget its powerful industrial backbone. Dedicated industrial zones offer tailored solutions for businesses needing more than just a stylish office.

Why Waterfall Industrial?

  • Location, Location, Location: Waterfall City's strategic positioning is just as much an asset for industrial operations as it is for head offices. Think easy access to major highways, proximity to suppliers, and a streamlined connection to the rest of Gauteng's economic network.
  • Built for Purpose: Forget cramped, outdated warehouses. Waterfall City's industrial developments understand modern needs - high ceilings, flexible layouts, super-fast logistics integration, and again, a focus on sustainable design where possible. It's about efficiency, not just square footage.
  • The Waterfall Advantage: Being part of the Waterfall ecosystem means even industrial businesses aren't isolated. From access to the broader talent pool to the potential for partnerships with cutting-edge companies in other sectors, there's a unique advantage here.

Latest Industrial Development 2024

Waterfall Logistics Precinct, is a prime example of Attacq's forward-thinking approach. Here's how it stands out:

  • Logistics Powerhouse: Modern warehouses, cutting-edge tech, and a strategic location make it a dream for efficient logistics operations.
  • Green Initiatives: Waterfall showcases Attacq's commitment to sustainability with water recycling, energy efficiency, and green spaces.
  • Beyond Warehouses: Waterfall City is a thriving mixed-use development, offering a vibrant lifestyle for employees and a dynamic environment for businesses.

Partnering with Currie Group

Want to make the most out of Waterfall? Team up with Currie Group ( We are property advisors, offering everything from rock-solidwarehousing tocommercial, anddistribution solutions. Our team brings deep experience to help you with all your property requirements. 


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