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Fourways, Sandton


Fourways at a glance

Fourways Area Profile: A Comprehensive Profile

Are you looking to learn more about Fourways? Located north of Johannesburg, thisfast-growing suburb is known for its commercial and residential appeal. This article will provide a complete profile of Fourways, highlighting its unique features, educational and healthcare facilities, and transportation options.

Read on to discover it’s a great choice for both living and business.

Key Takeaways

  • Fourways, a bustling suburb north of Johannesburg, is known for its vibrant commercial and residential areas. It features key shopping centers like Fourways Mall and Montecasino.
  • The area offersdiverse educational institutions such as Fourways High School,Dainfern College, and Kim Field Academy. These schools provide quality education ranging from early childhood to adult learning.
  • Healthcare is top-notch with facilities like Life Fourways Hospital and Intercare Fourways providing varied medical services including high-quality treatment and walk-in care.
  • Transportation options are well - developed with major roads like William Nicol Drive and Witkoppen Road connecting the area to Sandton and other parts of Johannesburg. Public transit includes BRT stations for fast travel across the city.
  • Lanseria International Airport nearby facilitates quick flights for business owners while pedestrian-friendly routes encourage safe foot traffic around busy spots like Cedar Square.

Distinctive Features of Fourways

Fourways boasts a mix of business growth and many residential estates. You’ll find shopping centers likeFourways Mall and Montecasino.

Commercial Growth and Residential Areas

Fourways is one of Johannesburg's fastest-growing areas, it combinescommercial and residential areas seamlessly. You will find everything fromhigh-density apartments toupscale homes and lifestyle estates here.

TheFourways Development Frameworkaims to createmixed-use nodes, boosting living and business opportunities. Over 40,000 new residential units are planned inSteyn City, Riversands, Diepsloot, and Chartwell.

Business owners looking for athriving market should consider the heart of Fourways as an ideal choice. This area attracts middle-income families due to its safety andcentral location in Sandton.

The blend of offices, retail centers, and dining areas with nearby schools makes it perfect for family living.

Premier Shopping and Leisure Centers

Fourways Mall boastsexclusive brands, dining experiences, and entertainment. It draws many shoppers with its mix ofnational and boutique stores

Design Quarter offersmodern living and retail options,visitors enjoy thecontemporary feel as they shop for unique items. The center combines shopping withdesign elements to create a fresh experience.

Education and Healthcare in Fourways

Fourways has many great schools for your children, the area also offers top hospitals and clinics for healthcare needs.

Schools and Colleges Overview

Schools and colleges in Fourways offer arange of educational options. They provide quality education for students of different ages. Here is an overview:

  • Fourways High School
  • Dainfern College
  • Independent and co-educational.
  • Gauteng CET College
  • Kim Field Academy
  • Education Incorporated Private Boutique School
  • Land of Oz Nursery School

These schools and colleges cater to diverse educational needs, supporting both academic and personal growth for students.

Hospitals and Medical Services

It offers top-notch medical services. Business owners will find many healthcare facilities here.

Life Fourways Hospital:

  1. This hospital has 194 beds.
  2. It provides high-quality treatment.
  3. Unique standards of care are followed.

Fourways Urgent Care

  1. It's a walk-in medical center.
  2. Offers primary professional medical care.
  3. State-of-the-art facilities are available.

Netcare Hospitals:

  1. Provide world-class healthcare services.
  2. Intercare Fourways:
  3. Offers general medical and dental services.

Fourways ensures access to various healthcare options for all residents and businesses.

Transportation Options in Fourways

Fourways boasts excellent transport links, with major roads connecting the area to other parts of Johannesburg.

Key Roadways and Public Transit

Transportation in Fourways is efficient and well-structured. Here are key roadways and public transit options:

William Nicol Drive

  • This major road connects Fourways,Bryanston, and Sandton.
  • It offers easy access to office parks and shopping centers like Hyde Park Mall.

Witkoppen Road

  • It is vital for east-west travel.
  • It links areas such as Norscot and Lonehill.

N1 Highway

  • The N1 runs near Fourways, connecting it to other parts of Johannesburg.
  • It’s the main route for commuting longer distances.

R511 Road

  • R511 runs through the northern part of Fourways.
  • Ideal for reaching Craigavon.

BRT Stations (Bus Rapid Transit)

  • BRT stations facilitate fast travel across the city.
  • These stations are pivotal points as per the Strategic Integrated Transport Plan.

Lanseria International Airport

  • Located nearby, this airport serves local and international travelers.
  • Convenient for business owners needing quick flights.
  • Taxis and Ride - Sharing Services
  • Taxis are widely available, making short trips easy.
  • Ride-sharing apps offer an alternative to traditional taxis.

Business owners benefit from these reliable transportation options, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the area.


Fourways is a fast-developinglively, growing area north of Johannesburg. It has many shopping centers like Fourways Crossing and the Farmers Market. People here can findgood schools, offices, and hospitals.

It isgreat for families who want asafe, vibrant community with lots to do.


1. What is the Fourways area profile?

Its profile provides detailed information about Johannesburg’s fast-developing suburban and commercial region.

2. What are some main shopping centers?

Main shopping centers includeFourways Mall, Dainfern Shopping Centre, Design Quarter, and Broadacres.

3. Is there medical care available in Fourways?

Yes! The area has many medical facilities like Intercare Fourways Medical and Dental Care, Lonehill Medical Centre, and Netcare Sunninghill Hospital.

4. How do I get here?

Fourways is easily accessible via main routes off the N1 highway, north of Sandton, and is well-situated within the vicinity of key areas of Johannesburg. It is a 35-minute drive to OR Tambo International Airport. 

5. Are there any recreational places in Fourways?

Yes! You can visit places like Norscot Manor enjoy events at the Fourways Farmers Market or explore a game farm nearby.

6. Can I find commercial property solutions in Fourways?

Indeed! There are various options for commercial properties including office parks likeMonte Circle Office Park and others managed by different property groups ensuring up-to-date information on availability.Contact us atCurrie Grouptoday for all your commercial property requirements. 


A stone's throw away from Johannesburg's bustling city centre lies Fourways, a vibrant suburb that masterfully balances urban energy with suburban tranquility. Renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, modern infrastructures, and a plethora of amenities, Fourways stands out as a top choice for those seeking a diverse and dynamic living experience. Dive into this Fourways area profile to uncover the essence of this fascinating suburb.

Key Features:

Strategic Location: Perfectly situated in the northern part of Johannesburg, Fourways provides unparalleled connectivity to the city's major landmarks and business districts.

Diverse Housing Options: From chic, modern apartments to sprawling family homes, Fourways caters to every lifestyle and budget.

Educational Institutions: Home to numerous esteemed schools and institutions, Fourways champions education, drawing families and students alike.

Entertainment and Leisure: Fourways Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in South Africa, and Montecasino, a premier entertainment destination, ensure that there's always something happening in Fourways.

Green Spaces: Residents can escape urban life with a visit to the Fourways Gardens and other local parks, emphasizing the suburb's commitment to a balanced life.

Local Attractions:

Montecasino: More than just a casino, it's an entertainment hub that offers dining, theatre, movies, and much more.

Fourways Farmers Market: Dive into a world of fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and lively music in this much-loved local staple.

Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve: A pocket of biodiversity, this reserve is perfect for nature enthusiasts and families wanting to explore local flora and fauna.


Fourways, with its vibrant character and multitude of amenities, truly encapsulates the best of modern Johannesburg living. Its perfect blend of entertainment, education, and peaceful environs makes it a magnetic choice for professionals, families, and travelers. Experience a lifestyle of convenience, excitement, and growth in Fourways, Johannesburg's dynamic gem.

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Fourways has successfully transformed into a bustling commercial and residential hub in the northern region of Sandton....

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