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Samrand Business Park, Centurion


Samrand Business Park at a glance

Samrand Business Park - 2024

This business hub has become a crucial area for companies of all sizes, fostering growth and providing ample opportunities for collaboration and expansion. In this article, we go into the various facets of Samrand Business Park, exploring its impact on the local economy, the diverse mix of businesses it houses, and the future developments that promise to further enhance its reputation as a premier business destination.

Key Takeaways

  • Samrand Business Park is a significant center for innovation and enterprise, offering a modern layout and infrastructure conducive to business growth.
  • The park has had a positive economic impact on Centurion, contributing to job creation and attracting both local and international businesses.
  • Accessibility is a key feature of Samrand, with excellent transport links, parking facilities, and public transport options facilitating movement to and around the park.
  • A diverse range of industries and notable companies call Samrand home, creating a dynamic environment for networking and collaboration.
  • Future developments at Samrand are geared towards sustainability and innovation, ensuring the business park remains at the forefront of modern business facilities.

Exploring Samrand Business Park

Job Creation and Opportunities

Imagine walking into a vibrant business park where every corner buzzes with activity. That's Samrand for you, a place where job opportunities sprout like spring flowers. The park has become a catalyst for employment, offering a range of positions from entry-level to executive suites.

  • Tech startups are on the lookout for innovative minds.
  • Manufacturing units need skilled hands.
  • Service industries seek customer-centric stars.

With each new business that sets up shop, the promise of employment grows, fueling the local economy and providing a livelihood for many.

The numbers speak for themselves. Here's a quick snapshot of the job market growth in Samrand:


New Jobs Created







This upward trend is not just a boon for job seekers but also the community at large, fostering a sense of prosperity and stability.

Attracting Local and International Businesses

You might wonder why businesses from around the globe are flocking to Samrand Business Park. The answer lies in the park's strategic location and the enticing incentives offered by the local government. With a focus on creating a business-friendly environment, Samrand has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and established companies alike.

  • Tax breaks and subsidies for new ventures
  • Streamlined processes for business registration and permits
  • Access to a skilled workforce thanks to local educational institutions

Samrand's commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for businesses is evident in its continuous efforts to improve infrastructure and services. This proactive approach not only benefits the companies within the park but also contributes to the overall economic vibrancy of Centurion.

The park's ability to attract a diverse range of businesses has a ripple effect on the local economy, enhancing the socio-economic impact on the surrounding community. It's not just about the jobs created within the park; it's about the mobility and connectivity that come with a thriving business hub.

Contribution to Centurion's Growth

You've probably noticed how Samrand Business Park isn't just another dot on the map; it's a powerhouse driving the economic engine of Centurion. With its strategic location, it's been pivotal in the northern expansion of the city, drawing in businesses and boosting the local economy.

  • Samrand's growth has had a ripple effect, enhancing the area's appeal and leading to increased property values.
  • The park's success has encouraged the development of surrounding areas, creating a more cohesive and prosperous region.

The synergy between Samrand and Centurion is undeniable, with each success story in the park echoing through the city's streets, heralding a future of shared prosperity and vibrant economic activity.

The numbers speak for themselves, with Samrand contributing significantly to the GDP of the region. It's a testament to the vision of creating a space where businesses can thrive and contribute to the broader community.

Getting To and Around Samrand

Transport Links and Accessibility

Getting to Samrand Business Park is a breeze, thanks to its excellent accessibility. Nestled close to the N1 Highway, the park is just a stone's throw away from the Samrand Off-ramp, making your commute as smooth as can be. Whether you're driving in from Johannesburg or Pretoria, you'll find the journey quick and hassle-free.

Here's a glance at the main access points:

  • Samrand Off-ramp: Direct access to the N1
  • Old Johannesburg Road: Alternative route for local traffic
  • Olievenhoutbosch Road: Connects to the R55

With a strategic location that cuts down on travel time, Samrand Business Park ensures that you can focus more on your business and less on the road. If you are looking for a warehouse to rent in Samrand and if you're worried about getting lost, don't be. The park's layout is designed to minimize traffic delays and increase efficiency. Clear signage and well-planned roads mean you'll be at your office or warehouse in no time.

Public Transport Options

Getting around Samrand Business Park without a car is a breeze, thanks to a variety of public transport options. You can hop on a bus or catch a train to your destination, making your commute or visit hassle-free.

The Gauteng Rapid Rail system is a gem for those traveling from further afield. With the NS line connecting Hatfield to Johannesburg Park Station and the EW line stretching from Rhodesfield to Sandton Stations, you're well-linked to the major hubs around Centurion.

  • Gautrain bus services provide last-mile connectivity from the train stations to Samrand.
  • Local taxi services are abundant and can be hailed from designated spots within the park.
  • For those preferring a more structured schedule, several bus lines have stops strategically placed around the business park.

Samrand's Mix of Businesses

  • TechSavvy Solutions (smart tech)
  • EcoInnovate (sustainable energy)
  • HealthFirst Networks (healthcare)
  • Growthpoint Properties (Development)
  • SOM Group (Development)
  • Beckman Coulter (Life science instrumentation)
  • Screamer Telecom (Logistics)
  • Daming Aluminum (Manufacturing)
  • Bathu Sneakers (Footwear)

Future and Current Developments in Samrand

Upcoming Projects and Expansions

You'll notice the buzz of construction and the promise of new facilities. Exciting projects are on the horizon, set to further enhance the park's appeal and functionality. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming:

  • Logistics and Distribution Warehouses.
  • Expansion of the Data Centre hub.
  • A new commercial complex, offering a mix of retail and office spaces.

Each project is carefully planned to integrate with the existing landscape, ensuring that the area remains harmonious.

Samrand's Industrial Boom: Growthpoint and SOM Group Drive Development

The area is experiencing a surge in industrial development, with Growthpoint Properties and SOM Group leading the charge. This expansion is fueling growth and attracting major players to these sought-after business parks. Let's dive into the latest projects transforming the area:

Central Point Business Park: A Hub of Innovation

Growthpoint Properties is spearheading the continued development of Central Point Business Park. This multi-million Rand investment reflects the park's popularity with businesses seeking modern, well-located industrial spaces. Recent developments include:

  • Speculative Warehouse Units: Growthpoint's recent construction of speculative units means businesses seeking a move-in-ready solution have prime options to choose from. These units range in size from 3699m2 to 5874m2.
  • Tailored Solutions: Notable businesses like Beckman Coulter have benefitted from Growthpoint's bespoke approach, with the company recently completing a 5,750sqm build-to-suit facility tailored for Beckman Coulter's operations.
  • Available Units: A brand new 3699m2 and 5827m2 stand-alone warehouse to let. 
  • Property Video:

Sterling Industrial Park: Setting the Standard

Established by Growthpoint, Sterling Industrial Park is a testament to the demand for high-quality warehousing and distribution facilities. The park boasts:

  • Strategic location: Situated along Samrand Avenue, it enjoys superb access to the N1 North/South and the N14 highway.
  • Modern infrastructure: Excellent road networks, ample power supply, and fiber connectivity support the needs of modern businesses.
  • Attracting Major Players: Companies like logistics leader Screamer Telecomand leading aluminum manufacturer Daming Aluminum are among the businesses calling Sterling Industrial Park home.

Arrow Business Park: Prime Positioning, SOM Group Expertise

SOM Group's Arrow Business Park is another noteworthy development in the Samrand area. Located with easy access to major arterial routes, the park's appeal lies in its:

  • Flexibility: Spaces in Arrow Business Park are designed to cater to a range of light industrial, warehousing, and distribution needs.
  • Customization: SOM Group offers the possibility for tailored development, ensuring businesses can secure facilities that perfectly suit their operations.
  • Spotlight on Bathu: The recent news of Bathu Sneakers securing a massive 17,000m2 warehouse within Arrow Business Park solidifies the park's status as a go-to destination for growing businesses.
  • Available Unit: Brand new 3939m2 warehouse ready for occupation. 

The Future of Samrand's Industrial Landscape

The ongoing developments by Growthpoint and SOM Group signify confidence in Samrand's position as a prime industrial hub within Gauteng. If you are looking for a warehouse to rent in Samrand, with its blend of modern facilities, strategic location, and access to major transport links, get in contact with Currie Group today. 

Wrapping Up the Samrand Business Park Experience

Whether you're a startup looking for your first office or a well-established company seeking expansion, Samrand offers a dynamic environment that's hard to beat. With its strategic location, top-notch amenities, and a growing network of professionals, it's a locale that promises growth and opportunities. So, if you're on the hunt for a new business home, let Currie Group assist you in finding the right premises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samrand Business Park?

It is a modern business hub located in Centurion, South Africa.

What types of businesses can be found here?

Hosts a mix of businesses from various sectors, including technology, finance, manufacturing, and logistics, as well as startups.

What transport options are available?

It is well-connected with various transport links, including major highways, and offers ample parking facilities. Public transport options are also available for easy accessibility.

Are there any future development plans?

Samrand Business Park is continuously evolving, with plans for upcoming projects, expansions, and innovations in business facilities, as well as a focus on sustainability initiatives and goals.

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