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Logistics Warehouse For Rent 2024


Logistics Warehouse For Rent 2024

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Logistics Warehouse for Rent 2024

Finding the right logistics warehouse for rent can be challenging. This article will guide you through what to look out for and help you find your ideal space.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose from 660 warehouses in the East Rand area alone, showing there's a big demand for logistics spaces.
  • Warehouses come with different features.
  • Places near airports offer great convenience for moving goods quickly.
  • Some warehouses provide large yards with easy truck access, catering to diverse business operations.
  • In areas like Sandton and Cape Town, you have various options including secure parks and spaces close to public transport.

Types of Logistics and Warehouse Spaces

  1. Standard Warehousing: These are large buildings used for storing goods, businesses from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar retail find them useful.
  2. Temperature-Controlled Spaces: Some goods need special conditions to stay fresh or usable, this type involves refrigeration or heating to keep products at the right temperature. Food items and certain chemicals often need this type of storage.
  3. Cross-Dock Facilities: These spaces allow quick moving of cargo from one transport vehicle to another without long-term storage. It's great for items that must move fast, like fresh food or urgent deliveries.
  4. High Visibility Warehouses: Located along main roads, these give businesses a boost in brand visibility.
  5. Dispatch Areas: Efficiently sending out orders is crucial, warehouses with dedicated dispatch areas streamline the process of getting products out to customers or stores.
  6. Secure Business Parks: Offering peace of mind, these parks have round-the-clock access control and CCTV monitoring.
  7. Close to Public Transport: Ease of access is important for staff and visits by clients or suppliers. Warehouses near public transport routes make commuting easier.
  8. Large Yards with Truck Access: For businesses that receive or send out large shipments, having ample outdoor space and easy access for trucks is essential.
  9. Flexible Spaces in Prime Locations: Places like Montague Gardens and Cape Town International Airport offer versatile warehousing options close to key logistics routes, benefiting from excellent connectivity.

Secure Features in Logistics Warehouses

They help your business run smoothly without worrying about security threats. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Perimeter electric fencing surrounds the warehouse.
  2. Guardhouses are placed at entrances that monitor in and out 24/7.
  3. CCTV monitoring happens all around the clock.
  4. Warehouses inside secure business parks.
  5. Backup generators keep operations going, even when power cuts happen.

Retail-oriented Warehouse Solutions

Retail-oriented warehouse solutions offer a smart choice for business owners in Johannesburg. Properties in Longmeadow, Linbro Park, and Sandton come with offices, showrooms, and extra storage.

In Cape Town, similar properties provide modern offices, meeting rooms, and more. They meet the needs of both the BPO sector and big retail chains.

Combined Warehouse and Yard Offerings

Some businesses need both indoor storage and outdoor space. This lets you store goods inside and have extra room outside for operations or more storage.

Plus, having both a warehouse and extra yard space makes everyday tasks smoother and saves time.

Double Volume Warehouse Advantages

Double-volume warehouses offer big advantages for business owners. These buildings have high ceilings that let you stack more goods up, making the most of vertical space. This means you can store a lot more in the same floor area, which is great for businesses with large items or a big inventory.

It's like having extra storage without needing more ground space.

They also make your operations run smoother and faster. With tall shelves and stacking systems, organizing and finding things becomes easier and quicker.

This setup is perfect for all kinds of industries because it allows flexibility in handling different types of products. Plus, using vertical space wisely can save money by reducing the need to rent additional storage areas.

Workshop Spaces

Moving from the benefits of double-volume warehouses, workshop spaces in logistics settings offer a unique mix. They fit well for businesses needing to assemble products or manage repairs before distribution.

Inospace's offerings include these versatile workshop areas that combine industrial might with practical workspace solutions.

In such environments, companies can benefit from features like boardrooms, air conditioning, storerooms, and top-notch security.

Highlighted Logistics Warehouses Available for Rent

We have some great spaces for businesses looking for logistics warehouses. These spots offer features like 24/7 security and enough room to fit your needs, from small workshops to large storage areas.

400m² Warehouse / Factory Option in Kraaifontein

A 400m² warehouse or factory space is up for rent in Kraaifontein at R18,850. This spot has off-street parking and fits well for distribution, light manufacturing, and shop-related activities.

With a fresh makeover, this property also comes with adaptable office areas to suit your business needs.

The location in Kraaifontein makes it ideal for businesses looking to grow in the area, easy access means you can move goods quickly without hassle. It's perfect if you need a spot that handles various operations like storing products, making things, or selling directly to customers.

206m² Ground Floor Workspace in Edenvale

In Edenvale, a 206m² workspace on the ground floor is up for rent, it fits well with businesses looking for highlighted logistics warehouses.

The location makes it handy for companies wanting to be in a central area.

This workspace joins other properties ready to meet various business demands.

Refurbished Warehouse Style in Midrand

Hillview Park in Johannesburg has a fresh look with a 491m² workspace for rent in Midrand, this park has been renovated to meet the needs of modern businesses. It sits close to key roads like N1 and R101, making it easy for trucks to come and go.

This Midrand warehouse is perfect for business owners looking for efficient access across Gauteng and beyond.

Its strategic position ensures quick connectivity to major urban centers, helping businesses stay ahead in fast-moving markets.

Workspace Security: 24hr Watch in Midrand

Midrand logistics warehouses take security seriously with 24-hour access control and CCTV monitoring. This gives businesses peace of mind, knowing their operations are safe around the clock.

These spaces also have backup generators to keep things running smoothly during power outages. Being part of secure business parks adds another layer of safety for everyone working there.


Secure Logistics Park

Sandton offers a variety of warehouses at Linbro Business Park, this area is perfect for those who need plenty of room for their operations. With security as a top priority, companies can feel safe operating here day and night.

The park has everything from warehouses to office space, making it suitable for a variety of businesses.

Exclusive 693m² Warehouse with Yard in Eastleigh

Moving from the large spaces in Sandton, we discover an exclusive opportunity in Eastleigh. This 693m² warehouse comes with big a yard as well. The property has everything a business owner needs, including a spray booth for specialist tasks and A-grade offices to run operations smoothly.

The warehouse stands out with its spacious gated yard at the back. This area is perfect for keeping containers and offers ample parking, it is a rare find in Eastleigh's competitive market.

If your business demands both quality workspace and outdoor storage, you'll find this offering hard to pass by.

Island Works: Logistics Space in Paarden Eiland

Island Works in Paarden Eiland offers versatile workspaces perfect for businesses needing distribution, light manufacturing, or retail areas. With floor sizes ranging from 73m² up to 300m² and rental prices between R8,950 and R35,500, there's space to fit various business needs.

Each property boasts around-the-clock security alongside modern amenities like backup generators and eco-friendly features.


24/7 Security Workspace in Wetton

Wetton Works in Cape Town's southern suburbs sets the bar high for industrial workspaces with round-the-clock security.

With rentals ranging between R9,800 to R10,000, these warehouses became available from the first of May 2023.

The choice to rent here means joining a community that values safety and accessibility in commercial property. Moving onto prime industrial spaces near airports next offers another layer of strategic advantage for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Prime Industrial Space Near The Airport

These prime locations offer easy access for transporting goods and reaching international markets quickly.

With options in areas like Parow Industria and Airport Industria, you get connected spaces with top-notch infrastructure. Ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach, these areas provide a mix of convenience and efficiency.

Key Locations for Logistics Warehouses

Cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town offer prime spots with great roads and ports nearby.

Johannesburg's Strategic Sites

Johannesburg is home to 660 available warehouses for rent in the East Rand.

Tungsten Works in Strijdom Park offers a big area of 491m² that has been updated and made new again for businesses to use. This space suits different needs well, from handling items more efficiently to having enough room for bigger operations.

Cape Town's Prime Logistics Areas Epping Industria stands out as Cape Town's biggest industrial zone, attracting many businesses. It has wide roads and good access, making it easy to move goods around.

Montague Gardens also shines with its big retail chain distribution centers.

Parow is packed with different industrial zones like Beaconvale and Tygerberg Business Park. Brackenfell introduces new developments with upmarket offices and warehouse spaces.

Brackenfell's Industrial Opportunities

Stepping up with fresh industrial opportunities, the region is booming with new industrial buildings. One key highlight is a massive 10,548m2 building up for lease.

Epping's Warehouse Solutions

After exploring the industrial opportunities in Brackenfell, it's clear that Epping also stands out for businesses seeking top-notch warehouse solutions. Epping boasts facilities designed to meet high-specification production needs.

Business owners will find these properties highly adaptable to various industrial demands, making Epping an ideal location for those aiming to boost their operational efficiency and productivity.

Airport Industria's Connectivity

Airport Industria is close to main roads and the Cape Town International Airport. This makes it easy for businesses to send goods quickly. Trucks can come and go smoothly because of direct routes.

The area has a lot of space for warehouses, like Sky Park and Cape Space spots. They offer big areas with offices and parking spaces.


Montague Gardens' Flexible Spaces

Montague Gardens stands out as a modern area in Cape Town. It is famous for its adaptable units suited for big retail chains and businesses looking for logistic warehouses. These areas offer great options whether you need a large space for storing goods or a compact one to start small.

This location also connects well with major roads, making it easy to send and receive products quickly. Businesses find the range of sizes perfect for their needs, from vast distribution hubs to smaller storage solutions.

Plus, being close to other industrial spots adds value by keeping everything within reach.

Size Varieties in Logistics Warehouses

Logistics warehouses come in all sizes. Some are just right for small goods, whilst others can hold large items.

Maitland's Small to Medium Storage Options

Maitland is a top choice for businesses needing small to medium-sized storage solutions. This area offers properties perfect for holding goods, managing distribution, and providing logistics services.

With options varying in size, companies can find the right space to fit their stock and operation scale.

Businesses can benefit from selecting Maitland for their logistics base. The region's industrial properties are designed with efficient workflows in mind. They support quick access to major transport routes, making it easier to move products in and out.

This makes Maitland ideal for firms aiming to improve their supply chain efficiency within Cape Town's network.

Sandton's Secure Logistics Park

Linbro Business Park offers a wide range of industrial buildings for businesses. You can find places as small as 150 square meters or as big as over 40,000 square meters.

The rent goes from R70 to R90 for every square meter.

This park also keeps your goods safe with electric fences, alarm setups, and guards patrolling 24/7.

Security Arrangements and Features

Warehouses offer top-notch security to keep your business safe. They come with perimeter electric fencing and guard posts. You also get 24-hour patrols on site. Inside secure business parks, there is round-the-clock access control and CCTV surveillance.

This setup ensures that only allowed people can enter, keeping your stock and equipment secure at all times.

Next up, let's consider the space around the warehouse and how you can use it.

Yard Space Availability and Usage

Some locations boast features like 6 to 10 cargo platforms, slopes for easy access, ceiling-mounted water spray systems, and alternate power sources to keep operations going without interruption.

Good visibility from major thoroughfares also adds value by making these sites more accessible and safer for day-to-day logistics activities.


Infrastructure for Efficient Loading and Unloading

Moving on from yard space, the right infrastructure plays a huge role in loading and unloading goods. Warehouses near major transportation routes and public transport stops make life easier.

They help trucks move in and out without trouble. This is key for businesses that need to send or get goods fast.

Steps to Securing a Logistics Warehouse for Rent

Identifying Needs for Warehouse Space

First, figure out what size and layout your business needs. For example, if you're in distribution or manufacturing, like many businesses in the East Rand area, you might need a large space with room for heavy machinery.

Think about how much room your operations will take up as well as your power requirements. This helps avoid paying for space you don't use.

Consider location and features that match your business activities. If getting goods in and out quickly matters to you, look for places with good road links and efficient loading areas.

Also, check if the warehouse has security measures and facilities like generators or sustainability elements if these are important to your operation.

Researching and Comparing Options

  • To find the best logistics warehouse for rent, start by looking closely at what you need, and think about size, layout, and the location's ease of access.
  • Look at properties in secure business park complexes that match your criteria.
  • Use online platforms like Property24 to see options and connect with agents or owners.
  • Next, weigh up different warehouses against each other.

Budget Considerations and Negotiations

Setting a budget for leasing logistics warehouses is crucial. Rent prices range from R7,000 to over R5,000,000 per month. Sizes vary too, from 50m² to more than 40,000m². Therefore, match your needs and budget carefully.

The next step involves negotiating lease terms, knowing what you can afford, and using it in discussions with landlords.


Finding the right logistics warehouse for rent is easy with so many options in places like East Rand, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

Dealing with an experienced real estate brokerage can make all the difference, let Currie Group help you today. 


1. What types of logistics warehouses are available for rent in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, you can find Class A and Class B logistics warehouses for rent in areas like Mowbray, Rondebosch, and Observatory.

2. How do I choose between a Class A and Class B warehouse?

Choose a Class A warehouse if you need top-notch facilities with the latest features. Opt for a Class B warehouse if you're looking for something more affordable but still functional.

3. Are there any logistics warehouses near Mowbray or Rondebosch that I can rent?

Absolutely! There are several options for renting logistics warehouses near both Mowbray and Rondebosch to meet your business needs.


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