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Your Guide to Linbro Business Park 2024


Your Guide to Linbro Business Park 2024

Discover the Perfect Industrial Warehouse in Linbro Park Sandton

Linbro Park is a highly sought-after industrial node offering a range of modern industrial properties for rent or sale. With excellent connectivity to major highways and proximity to key logistics routes, this secure business park is the ideal destination for businesses needing industrial property.

Discover a neat standalone warehouse within the coveted Linbro Business Park, a hub for logistics in Johannesburg. This A-Grade/AAA-Grade facility offers excellent height to eaves, multiple roller doors for ease of truck access, and ample yard space. Located on Milkyway Avenue, the property boasts 24-hour access for operational flexibility.

Prospective purchasers seeking a prime investment property in a sought-after industrial park, look no further! This warehouse presents an exceptional opportunity. 

Warehouse with Office Options

This property isn't just another bland industrial unit. It boasts a spacious warehouse with impressive height clearance, those high ceilings are a game-changer, whether you're stacking goods, installing machinery, or envisioning a production facility.

Speaking of flexibility, this unit doesn't skimp on the office component. It includes a modern, well-lit floor office - perfect for your admin team, a client-facing showroom, or even some light assembly work. The warehouse-to-office ratio gives you options to customize based on your needs.

The Features That Count

Let's talk practicalities:

  • Roller Shutters: Multiple ones, including dock-level access for super links.
  • Power Capacity: Three-phase power.
  • Security: 24-hour security

Location - Advantage

Its proximity to major highways (N3 and N1) and the Marlboro Gautrain station ensures effortless connections to:

  • OR Tambo International Airport: Facilitates domestic and international travel.
  • Johannesburg and Pretoria: Tap into Gauteng's economic powerhouses.
  • Key Logistics Routes: Streamline your supply chain and distribution networks.

Possibilities Within Linbro Business Park

Linbro Park caters to various business needs, with a focus on providing excellent options for those seeking warehouses for rent or broader industrial properties.

  • Modern office spaces: For professional services, corporate headquarters, etc.
  • Warehouse facilities: Ideal for storage, distribution, and light manufacturing.
  • Logistics centers: Perfect for companies needing streamlined supply chain management.
  • Showrooms and retail spaces: Limited availability, but worth considering if suitable.

The Linbro Logistics Park Factor

Sandton Industrial: More Than Meets the Eye

When you think of Sandton, luxury high-rises and bustling retail centers probably come to mind. But this dynamic City holds exciting options for businesses seeking a prime location in the industrial sector.  Linbro Park offers modern facilities, let's explore a unique opportunity that exemplifies this shift.

Free-standing property on Stellar Avenue

Prime opportunity - Imagine your company banner displayed proudly on a free-standing industrial facility at 8 Stellar Avenue - a standalone property offering ample room to grow. This address grants unparalleled visibility and proximity to the Sandton CBD. It's a location that makes a statement about the success of your business.

Warehouse? Manufacturing Space? You Decide!

This facility boasts a generous footprint - around 4,000 square meters - giving you the freedom to customize, excellent ceiling height and multiple roller shutter doors ensure smooth operations, even when big deliveries are the norm.

Features for Functionality 

  • Industrial-grade power supply to keep equipment running at peak capacity.
  • Dock-leveling roller shutters and a spacious yard designed for truck maneuverability.
  • Round-the-clock security within a well-managed park - one less thing to worry about.

Beyond the Basics: Finding the Ideal Fit

This Stellar Avenue A-grade facility could be your next big move if:

  • Brand visibility and a prime location are central to your strategy.
  • Freedom of a free-standing industrial facility in a secure park with easy truck access.
  • Sought-after area and ease of access perfect for a distribution facility.
  • Freestanding building in a sought-after business node with 24hrs access control.

The Hunt Is On Industrial Property for Rent (or Purchase!)

The dynamic Sandton scene includes everything from large-scale facilities to flexible mini units - what's the ideal size for your success story? If this Stellar Avenue property has sparked your interest, or you seek something different, reach out for a consultation. Our experienced team specializes in matching businesses with the prime industrial spaces that power their growth. Rest assured; your inquiries are handled discreetly, in line with our strict Privacy Policy.

Industrial Property for Rent (And Your Next Success Story)

  • Reliable power supply: Minimize downtime for essential machinery and systems.
  • Fiber-optic connectivity: Enjoy high-speed internet for efficient communication and data management
  • 24/7 security: Safeguard your assets, inventory, and premises.
  • Well-maintained roads: For easy transport within the park and beyond.

The Linbro Business Park Community

Beyond physical space, Linbro Business Park fosters a diverse community. This offers potential advantages:

  • Networking opportunities: Build partnerships and alliances.
  • Collaboration potential: Explore growth opportunities with fellow tenants.
  • Support services: Access essential services conveniently located within the park.

Logistics Co Streamlines Operations and Fuels Growth

The Challenge:

Logistics Co, a growing logistics provider, was struggling to keep up with demand. Their old warehouse was inefficient and poorly situated, causing delays and making it difficult to attract a reliable workforce. These issues were holding the company back.

The Solution:

Recognizing they needed a change, Logistics Co. made the strategic decision to relocate to Linbro Business Park. The move paid off in several ways:

  • Spacious, Modern Warehouse: Their new warehouse rental offered significantly more space and a well-designed layout. This allowed the company to improve its entire order fulfillment process, from picking and packing to shipping.
  • Location, Location: Being close to the N3 and N1 highways cut down delivery times dramatically.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: Dependable power and high-speed internet are essential for modern logistics companies.
  • Attracting Top Talent: The central location and easy access to public transport made it easier to find and keep skilled employees.

The Results:

Proved to be a turning point for Logistics Co.:

  • Boosted Efficiency: The improved warehouse and convenient location led to a 20% increase in how quickly and accurately they fulfilled orders.
  • Happy Customers: On-time deliveries and better reliability led to more loyal customers and positive recommendations.
  • Accelerated Growth: With newfound efficiency and a stronger reputation, Logistics Co confidently took on new clients and expanded its services.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: The desirable location and modern facilities made for happier employees.

In Their Own Words:

"Moving to Linbro Park was a pivotal moment for our company. Everything, from the strategic location to the top-notch infrastructure, has allowed us to streamline our operations, better serve our clients, and pursue our goals with confidence." - Management Team, Logistics Co.

Key Takeaway:

For logistics companies aiming to improve efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth, it provides a powerful advantage. Its blend of location, infrastructure, and community creates the ideal environment for logistics success.

The Future 

Linbro Park is committed to evolving alongside your needs. This focus on the future ensures the park remains attractive for companies seeking warehouse solutions.

Finding the Right Fit: Tips for Your Search

  • Define Your Needs: Evaluate your requirements, desired amenities, and any industry-specific needs.
  • Budget Wisely: Establish a realistic budget that includes rent, utilities, and potential fit-out costs.
  • Work With a Reputable Agent: Jocelyn Taylor 082 825 9494 is an experienced real estate agent specializing in the area and can help you streamline the search process.
  • Consider Lease Terms: Let your agent negotiate favorable lease lengths and terms.
  • Don't Ignore the Details: Factor in parking accessibility, loading zones, and any additional on-site facilities.

Choosing Linbro Business Park means gaining these advantages:

  • Peace of Mind for Your Assets: You can rest assured that your inventory, equipment, and other valuables are well-protected.
  • Employee Peace of Mind: Your team will appreciate the safe working environment, leading to better focus and morale.
  • Reputation Boost: Clients and partners recognize your commitment.
  • Potential Insurance Savings: Good measures can sometimes lead to lower insurance costs.


Q: What types of properties are available in Linbro?

A: It offers a mix of commercial and industrial properties, including:

  • Modern office spaces
  • Warehouses for storage, distribution, and light manufacturing
  • Logistics centers
  • Limited showroom spaces

Q: How accessible is Linbro?

A: It's located near major highways (N3 and N1) and is close to the Marlboro Gautrain station. This ensures easy connections to OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and key distribution routes.

Q: What infrastructure is provided?

A: It is equipped with essential infrastructure:

  • Reliable power supply
  • High-speed fiber-optic internet
  • 24/7 armed response
  • Well-maintained roads within the park

Q: Are there amenities close by?

A: Yes, the park offers some on-site amenities like a gym, cafe, and ATM. Additionally, the neighboring Marlboro Gardens Shopping Centre provides a wide range of dining, shopping, and errands for employees.

Q: What is the community like?

A: This proximity to other companies can potentially lead to networking opportunities and collaborations.

Q: How do I find the right property?

A: Here are the steps to finding your ideal space:

  1. Define your needs: Consider your space requirements, budget, and desired amenities.
  2. Work with an experienced agent: An industrial real estate agent specializing in Linbro Business Park.
  3. Visit in person: Schedule tours of potential properties to get a feel for the space and the business park's atmosphere.

Don't miss out on these exceptional warehouse opportunities!

Currie Group is proud to present prime warehouse spaces, ideal for companies looking to relocate.

Contact the Area Specialist Today!

To explore these spaces and learn more about how they can benefit you, contact Currie Group's area specialist, Jocelyn Taylor.

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