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Alberton Area: A Guide to This Johannesburg Suburb


Alberton Area: A Guide to This Johannesburg Suburb

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Discover The Alberton Area Profile: A Detailed Profile Of This Johannesburg Suburb

Finding the right place to live or do business can be hard. Alberton is a town near Johannesburg, on the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. This article will give you all you need about this suburb - from its history to housing options and amenities.

Get ready for insights that could help you decide if Alberton is where you belong.

Key Takeaways

  • Alberton began as Elandsfontein farmland in 1904 and has evolved into a bustling Johannesburg suburb.
  • It's located 15 kilometers from Johannesburg, offering short commute times to the city and nearby areas like Pretoria.
  • The area provides a range of housing options for different budgets, including upscale regions like Meyersdal.
  • Businesses can find many industrial and commercial spaces here, with easy road access to major Gauteng hubs.
  • Residents have access to quality amenities such as Netcare Hospital, sports clubs, malls, eateries, and public libraries.

Overview of Alberton


Alberton's story begins long ago, with its first official mail service starting up in 1929. Today, it stands on the East Rand, offering easy travel to other big cities nearby.

Historical background of Alberton, Gauteng

Alberton sprang up on a piece of land called Elandsfontein. In 1904, people decided to make this area their home. They paid a big sum of 20,000 pounds for it. The town got its name from General Hennie Alberts, a key player in the purchase.

This area quickly grew from quiet farmland into a bustling suburb within the greater Johannesburg metropolitan zone. Its journey from past to present shows how it adapted and flourished over time, drawing residents and businesses alike to its promising locale.

Alberton's Location and Proximity to Major Cities

Alberton has become one of the leading industrial areas and sits in close proximity to Germiston, just 19 kilometers away. This makes it a prime area for business owners looking for easy access to the city center and nearby suburbs. With Pretoria also within reach, it is perfectly situated on the East Rand in South Africa.

Its location ensures that getting to various industrial and commercial areas is easy. 

For those who work in or around the area, living or setting up in Alberton is ideal thanks to its short commute times. The area's roads lead directly to all major destinations within about 20 minutes.

This connectivity offers great benefits for businesses aiming for both residents and those from surrounding areas. Being on the banks of the Natal Spruit adds a scenic touch while still keeping you close to where you need to be.

Residential and Commercial Spaces in The City of Alberton, Gauteng

Alberton property boasts a variety of living and working areas. You can find homes in Randhart ranging from middle-class ones with three rooms and a washroom to more upscale options in the Meyersdal region.

The area offers something for every budget, making it ideal for families looking to settle down or upgrade. Alberton also offers a variety of schools with access roads to all major highways. 

For business owners, Alberton presents numerous industrial and commercial spaces situated in Alrode, suitable for all types of industries, you have a shopping center like Alberton City you can visit. Whether you're starting up or expanding, these spaces provide the flexibility and convenience needed in today's fast-paced market environment.

Area Profile Information

Residents and visitors have access to top-notch health care at hospitals like Netcare. Alberton also boasts sports venues and clubs for those interested in staying active or trying out new activities.

You can find everything from soccer to tennis, providing options for all ages and skills.

For shopping and daily needs, numerous malls offer a wide range of stores. People enjoy dining at various eateries, to taste that span from local delights to international cuisine.

Public libraries serve as quiet retreats for reading and study. With these conveniences close by, living or doing business here offers comfort and variety without the need to travel far.


Alberton charms with its blend of history, community feel, and access to big city benefits. Its streets tell stories of growth from a farm to a bustling area where families and young professionals find their homes.

Here, you can enjoy quiet living while being just minutes away from JHB's vibrancy. The area teems with schools for learning, parks for playing, and malls for shopping to meet every need.

Alberton invites you to be part of its ongoing story, it is the ideal place for those looking for harmony between peaceful suburban life and urban convenience.


1. What makes Alberton a special place to live?

Alberton shines as a jewel within the city of Johannesburg. With its rich history, dating back to when the first official post office opened its doors in 1929, this town has grown significantly. It's not just about its past; Alberton offers a blend of modern living with easy access roads to major cities and international airports like O.R. Tambo International Airport - all within 20 minutes from the city center. Whether you're eyeing property in Alberante or Sky City, Alberton presents an array of options for every taste.

2. Can you find good schools and shopping centers in Alberton?

Absolutely! Education and shopping are top-notch here. For families considering moving to Alberton, rest assured that variety is on your side - schools from Mayberry Park to Brackenhurst ensure quality education for your little ones. And if it's retail therapy you're after, numerous shopping centers dotting areas like New Redruth and Albertsdal cater to every need - from daily groceries to high-end fashion.

3. How does real estate look in Alberton North?

The property market in Alberton North is as diverse as its community - with everything from cozy apartments situated in South Crest to sprawling estates in Florentia or even new developments popping up around Palm Ridge and Verwoerdpark areas offering something for everyone's budget and style preferences.

4. Is there any historical significance?

Indeed, part of the East Rand, the foundation stone was laid when the first official post office opened back in 1929 - a pivotal moment marking the growth and development of what was once called the Old Alberton area. Many settled within its borders years before due to its convenient location.

5. Are there any new developments happening?

Yes, keeping pace with demand, several new developments in the area have made their mark recently - Sky City being one notable example, these projects aim at enhancing living standards by providing modern housing solutions with various property sizes, coupled with amenities designed for contemporary lifestyles. This shows how committed developers are toward enriching community life here.

6. What kind of lifestyle can I expect if I move here?

Expect a balanced mix - urban conveniences meet suburban tranquility right here in Alberton, With proximity not only to OR Tambo International Airport but also serene spaces where one can unwind after a long day's work, and travel becomes less hassle whether heading out for leisure or business purposes. In short; life here promises comfort blended perfectly with convenience!


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