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Deals on Commercial Properties in South Africa


Deals on Commercial Properties in South Africa

Commercial Properties for Sale in South Africa

Findingcommercial properties inSouth Africa can be tough. The market is expected to hit 9.62 billion by 2024. This article will guide you through the best places to look forcommercial buildings,offices, andretail spaces for sale.

Get ready for some great tips!

Key Takeaways

  • Gauteng offers a wide range of commercial properties, includingoffices in Johannesburg and warehouses in Midrand. Pretoria has 192 sites, from offices to industrial spaces.
  • Durban provides diverse real estate options, in theCBD and industrial hubs in the Northern Corridor. Residential buildings converted into commercial premises are becoming popular.
  • Cape Town's market is booming with high demand forprime offices, retail centers in Tyger Valley, and warehouses near the port.Boutique hotels along the waterfront cater to tourists.

Leading Commercial Properties for Sale

It shines as a beacon in the South African property market. With a wealth of options, it offers something for every business owner.

  1. Johannesburgstands out waiting for new owners, these properties range fromversatile office spaces tolarge industrial complexes. Some are perfectly located near major roads and public transport, making them easily accessible.
  2. Midrand introduces industrial properties to unique opportunities such asWaterfall Logistics Precinct
  3. In Pretoria, 192commercial properties are up for grabs, the diversity here means there's something that exactly fits what you are looking for.
  4. Currie Group leads in top-notch available properties, their portfolio includes prime locations that meet various business needs - whether you're into manufacturing, logistics, or need a classy office.

Each of these opportunities not only meets the immediate needs of your venture but also promises growth and expansion potential in the long run. You can choose wisely, considering both present requirements and future visions for your business.

Durban's Premier Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

This vibrant coastal city offers unique opportunities for businesses looking to invest in the real estate market.

Here are some of Durban's top commercial real estate options:


  • The heart ofDurban's business district might seem slow right now, but that means growth is on the horizon. Buyers can find valuable deals close to all amenities, making them ideal for firms wanting a central location.

Industrial Hubs in Northern Corridor

  • Moving from the Umgeni area outward, this region shows promising growth in property values. With ademand-supply imbalance, rental income is strong here.

Premium Office Buildings

  • Despite a general boom across sectors, Durban remains in high demand. They have modern amenities and are perfect for businesses looking to impress clients and attract top talent.

Residential Blocks for Commercial Conversion

  • Converting residential buildings into commercial premises has become a lucrative trend in Durban, they often provide flexible environments for startups and small enterprises.

Apartment Complexes with Commercial Ground Floors

  • Mixed-use offers a blend of residential apartments above with shops and offices below. They serve as an excellent source of mixed rental income and diversify an investor's portfolio.

Durban stands out as a city ready for business owners eager to make their mark. With its diverse range of opportunities workshops near main roads to vibrant shop fronts - investors can find just what they need to thrive.

Cape Town's Finest Commercial Properties Available

High demand meets limited supply, creating ripe opportunities for business owners alike. Let's explore the cream of the crop in Cape Town's commercial real estate offerings:

  1. Retail Centers in Tyger Valley - Known for its shopping centers and retail hubs, Tyger Valley presents an opportunity to tap into Cape Town's consumer market. These centers are close to residential areas, ensuring steady foot traffic and customers every day.
  2. Warehouses Near the Port - With Cape Town's strategic area benefiting logistics and shipping sectors, they are gold mines for businesses focusing on import-export activities. Proximity to the port makes transport and distribution more efficient.
  3. Boutique Hotels Along the Waterfront - Capitalizing on the tourism boom, small-scale hotels give you personalized experiences right beside stunning views of the ocean. Step into the hospitality industry with properties that cater to both local and international tourists looking for an escape within the city.
  4. Modern Co-working Spaces - As more professionals seek flexibility, co-working spaces have become hot commodities. These venues blend office functionality with community vibes, attracting freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who desire professional environments without traditional constraints.
  5. Residential Property Turned Commercial - Unique commercial ventures can also be found in properties initially built as homes but now serve as niche markets like cafes, art galleries, or boutique stores. 


Finding the rightcommercial property with everything you need can set your business up for success. With options in Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town, you have access toprime locations that promise growth and profit.

Look at places like Greenpoint forhigh returns. Remember, investing in these properties could be more rewarding than putting your money into houses or apartments. 


1. How do I find prime commercial properties for sale?

Start by checking out listings on trusted sites or Private Property, where you can find a wide range of options. Or you can work with an experienced broker like Currie Property Group. Don't forget to use filters to narrow down your search based on what you need-like area and cost.

2. What should I look for?

Focus on that which promises growth and is welcoming to businesses. Consider factors like amenities, access to transport links, and whether the space meets your needs now and in 10 years.

3. Is it better to rent or buy?

It depends on your business goals and financial situation. Buying might be right if you're planning long-term and want control over the property. Renting gives you flexibility and less upfront cost but think about future lease agreements' terms, commercial property is currently under a bit of pressure and does not perform that well in certain areas. 

4. Can an agent help me with purchasing commercial property?

Absolutely! An experienced agent can guide you through everything from finding the right property to understanding finance options like bonds and home loans. They'll make sure all policies are clear, too.

5. What financial aspects should I consider before buying?

Look into all costs involved - not just the purchase price but also transfer fees, bond repayments, tenant income vs leasing expenses... Shop around for home loan rates or consult with a financial advisor to get a clear picture.

6. Are there risks in investing in commercial real estate?

Like any investment, there are risks such as economic shifts affecting tenant stability or global market changes impacting value over 30 years... But with careful research, consulting experts, comparing options, and considering both tenants' and landlords' interests can minimize those risks.


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