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Warehouses For Rent in Midrand - Gauteng


Warehouses For Rent in Midrand - Gauteng

Find the Best Warehouses for Rent in Midrand!

Find the best warehouses for rent in Midrand today! With 932 industrial spaces waiting, there's plenty to choose from. Our article will guide you through picking the perfect spot for your business needs.

Key Takeaways

  • This is a great place for businesses to rent warehouses because it's between Johannesburg and Pretoria and has easy access to highways
  • The sizes of warehouses range from 200m2 up to 40,000m2. 
  • Security services, enough parking spaces, power backup systems, and even fitness centers for staff at some parks.
  • Prices for renting these warehouses vary. You might pay R19,500 in Randjespark for a small property or up to R212,500 in Kyalami for a much larger space.
  • When deciding, think about how much you can spend, what your business does every day, and where you see your company going in the future.

Overview: Industrial Property for Rent in Midrand

With its strategic placement between Johannesburg and PTA, it offers an ideal base for operations demanding access to major highways and transportation links.

The area boasts a diverse range of warehouse spaces, including modern facilities in Waterfall and newly built options in Olifantsfontein. These locations are not just about size but also about the value they add with features like high ceilings for storage flexibility and enhanced security measures.

The availability of industrial rentals caters to various business needs, from modest-sized units suitable for small enterprises to vast spaces designed for large-scale operations.

Property24 and Currie Group present opportunities ranging from 224 sqm workshops in Halfway House to expansive logistics hubs covering thousands of square meters situated within areas like Randjespark and Kyalami.

Such variety ensures that companies can find a spot that fits their budget while aligning with their operational requirements and long-term growth plans.

Warehouses in Midrand

1. Kyalami Business Park: It offers a variety of options ranging from small units to large distribution centers.

2. Waterfall Logistics Hub: This state-of-the-art logistics hub offers modern facilities with advanced security features and environmentally friendly design.

3. Samrand Business Park: This well-established business park offers a range of distribution facilities with flexible lease options.

4. Gallagher Business Park: Located in the heart of Midrand, it offers options suitable for different types of businesses.

5. N1 Business Park: The park is strategically located near major transport routes and provides access to a variety of industrial services. 

Size and Capacity

They vary greatly in size and can handle different types of businesses. Some have a small footmark, like the compact units in Halfway House at 225 m² and 125 m².

Others offer much more space, for instance, there's a massive warehouse to let in Olifantsfontein with an area of 39,000 m² ready. This allows companies to choose the perfect fit for their needs, whether they're storing tiny gadgets or huge machinery.

Choosing the right property involves looking at how much room you'll need now and as your company grows. Properties available include sizes from cozy 228m² spots ideal for startups to sprawling spaces over 5,000 m² suitable for large operations.

This flexibility helps business owners make smart choices that support growth without overspending on unused space. Next up, let's explore how location and accessibility further impact your decision-making process.

Location and Accessibility

It boasts a prime location, with areas like Halfway House and Waterfall making it easy for trucks to get in and out. The region connects well to major roads and highways.

This means your goods can move smoothly to Sandton, East Rand, Randjespark, or any surrounding places you do business in.

Next up are the features these areas offer as perks that make one option stand out from another.

Available Amenities

They provide amenities that make daily operations smooth and efficient. Think security services, ample parking for staff and visitors, and power backup systems to keep the lights on when the grid goes down.

Modern fire prevention systems are standard too, and ensuring safety is a priority.

Moving goods around is easier with high loading docks and wide access roads available at many sites. Some properties also feature on-site management teams to assist with any issues promptly.

Clean restrooms, break rooms for staff, and sometimes even fitness centers can be found within these industrial parks.

Highlighted Warehouses for Rent

Take a look at some top storage buildings for rent. They stand out because of their features, like big spaces and good locations. These places are perfect for your business needs. Check them out to find the right one for you.

Corporate Park North, Unit 2

Available for lease - Unit 2 is an ideal property to let for owners looking for a small warehouse of 327 sqm at R24,525 per month. Located in the secure Corporate Park South, we have a much bigger property of 5800m2 to let or for sale with excellent N1 highway frontage and it is available immediately. 

Johan Van der Westhuizen is your go-to person for industrial properties to let and can be reached at 061 509 7537. Businesses will find the promise of constant electricity a big plus.

This unit is situated within a secure road called Tsessebe, making it a smart pick for your operation.

Corner New Road & Monroe Road, Midridge Park

Located at the junction of New Road and Monroe Road in Midridge Park, it offers a spacious warehouse unit of 2432 m². Priced at R 140,570 for lease, it provides a cost-effective solution for business owners seeking to expand or consolidate their operations.

The location is ideal, ensuring easy access to key transport routes and surrounding areas. This makes receiving shipments and dispatching goods efficient.

The premium features extend beyond just location and size. Tenants will find the amenities meet all their needs - from ample parking spaces to secure premises. Each detail aims to support smooth daily operations for various types of businesses.

Whether you're in distribution, e-commerce, or manufacturing, this property could be your next strategic move.

Capital Hill Business Park

Capital Hill, Allandale, is a secure industrial park that offers a great chance for business owners to set up. This area is safe and comes with the perk of having little power outages, we have an industrial warehouse available to let located in the highly sought-after park for R49 000 per month. 

It stands out as one of the top choices for those looking to rent industrial space

For more properties to let in Midrand, you can reach out to Johan Van der Westhuizen at 061 509 7537.

Waterfall Logistics Precinct

Waterfall Logistics Precinct is a secure business park that stands out for its top-notch security and green standards. This area gives businesses great chances to grow with A-grade warehouse facilities. An industrial unit was recently leased with extra features like a generator and modern office fit-out. 

The precinct sits near the Midrand Gautrain station and taxi routes, making it easy for workers to get there. Neat and secure within the highly desirable business park called Waterfall Logistics Precinct.

Eastside Corporate, Halfway House, Unit 6

Eastside Corporate, Halfway House, Unit 6 offers a 631 square meter industrial property for rent. The monthly cost is R 44,170 and it has tight security.

It fits many industrial needs like making goods, storing items, or moving products around. Its location and safety measures make it ideal for companies looking for a secure place that is easy to reach.

Businesses can grow or start new projects here thanks to this property's offerings.

Factors to Consider

Think about your budget, what your business needs, and where you see your company in the future.

Keep reading to discover how to pick the perfect industrial property for you!


Setting a budget is key, prices can vary widely, from R 19,500 in Randjespark for a modest space to R 212,500 in Kyalami for something much larger.

Knowing what you can afford helps narrow down options, look at rental prices per square meter-like the starting price of R 69 per m² in Halfway House to compare deals.

Business owners must also consider future financial commitments, Currie Group offers units ranging from 224 sqm to 8 000m2 sqm at Halfway House starting at around R 19,966 per month. Deciding on a budget involves more than current expenses; it's about planning too.

Business Needs

Understanding your business needs is key to finding warehouses for rent in Midrand. Your operations might require a place with no load shedding, ensuring work goes on without interruptions.

The size is also important, it must fit all your products comfortably and have room for your team to work efficiently. Security is another big concern, you'll want a safe and secure location to protect your inventory and staff.

Location plays a crucial role as well, a warehouse near major roads makes receiving supplies easier and shipping orders faster.

Always check if the property has the right amenities, like loading docks or storage facilities.

Next, consider budget factors...

Long-term Plans

Moving from meeting immediate business needs to looking ahead, long-term planning is key.

For example, the newly constructed warehouse in Olifantsfontein might be more than you need right now. But with a gross lettable area of 5,923 m² at R 575,736 rent, it could be just right as you expand.

Choosing a location like Randjespark or Halfway House for its available spaces-289 m² at R 19,500 and 3,835 m² at R 212,500 respectively- offers flexibility too.

It's all about finding the right warehouses for rent in Midrand.


Finding warehouses for rent in Midrand just got easier. With a wide range of options, from Business Parks to Logistics Precincts, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Keep budget, business requirements, and planning in mind while you search.

Contact us at Currie Group for all our warehouse offers.

1. What makes Currie Group stand out for finding warehouses for rent in Midrand?

A track record that speaks for itself. 

2. How does an experienced broker make a difference?

They have a better understanding of the current market, therefore they can advise you better. 

3. Can landlords easily evict tenants?

Evicting tenants isn't as simple as saying "You're out." Some laws and processes protect both parties - landlords and tenants, if there's a need to evict, landlords must follow these rules closely to avoid legal trouble.

4. Are there options outside of Midrand?

Yes! While Midrand has plenty of great choices, expanding your search to include surrounding areas opens up even more possibilities. With Currie Group's extensive listings, finding the right property just where you need it gets much simpler.


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